Repro Second Package – Brassard, (2) PE Bags, D Ration Boxes, Handkerchief

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Great package for airborne reenactors and infantry.  With the brassard, a good D-Day impression set.  Three items, a paper gas brassard- it has a very minor blemish, a few wrinkles in the front.  This is a paper brassard, most authentic, and it’s going to get destroyed when you use it anyway.  But yeah, If we sold it normally someone would complain…  Includes are two Personal Effects Bags.  Nothing wrong with these, same as we sell normally, but one is huge, the other small.  We just miss-cut the fabric but made them anyway.  Same nice quality Red Cross stamped tag.  Great for socks, contact stuff, cell phone, any “modern” gear you want to hide at reenactments.  In this set are 4 slightly miss-stamped D ration boxes, and one handkerchief with two small yellow spots where the dye didn’t take.  Hardly noticeable.  And if you blow your nose in it, no one will look closely.  Great quality items, all have some life for sure.  Save a few bucks on the package!

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