Repro Papers and Boxes Pack – Miscellaneous Grouping


Miscellaneous grouping of leftovers and slightly blemished items we make and have floating around.  Yeah, weird group, but if you are a reenactor, it’s a great value.  We have 4 D Ration boxes, one curled up and the others just messed up a little, printing slightly off, or a smudge on the cardboard.  Pack of reproduction Signal Corps Message envelopes, all have some ink on the corner, but otherwise great for events.  7 wound tags, good reproductions, but different sizes and no holes punched for the strings.  Next is original G.I. sugar pack and some creamer and toilet paper from an MRE.  That’s where the “weird” part comes into this listing.  Some Transportation Ticket reproductions and a M1 Garand clip cardboard.  There you go, the whole lot!

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