Relic Brass Collection 6 Odd Ones!


Odd set of spent brass casings.  Some interesting ones here, a few I have no idea what they are.  But they are cool.   This set is unique for sure.  The three I can read – 2 of them are Super X 30-40Krag, and the other is REM-UMC 8mm Lebel.  the real skinny crusty one is what I think is about a 10 mm Mag casing, and the other two are just old.  The brass wrapped casing is very unique, no markings on the bottom, but the brass jacket is very thin and it’s wrapped around the base.  Really old one for sure.  The big thick guy is marked as you see, but I have no idea what it is but big!  7/8 inch across the mouth.  Anyway, add these to your funky brass collection, or just start one now!

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