Recognition Scarf


Individual Arial Recognition Scarves.  Friendly ground troops used scarves like these to make themselves visible from the air.  These are made with bright yellow nylon simulating the material of the period, trimmed with 100% military heavy tan cotton webbing.  Used in the late-war period, notably by the 17th Airborne for Operation Varsity.  By this stage of the war, nearly every plane was Allied, and the ground troops needed to be recognized so the target-hungry fighters wouldn’t prey on their own.  Authentically marked “Service of Supply Inc., 1944″.  Panel size is triangular, roughly 20″ x 30”.  Big enough to go over a backpack, that’s how they were designed, put the loop end around you neck, and the tie straps go under your arms and through the loops and they tie together.  14.95 each.

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Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 in


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