Photo Album, WWII Original!


Original WWII Era Photo Album.  Unfortunately- minus the pictures!  Someone cleaned it out, but the book itself is in pretty decent shape.  There were plastic grommets were the strings go through the seam, those are broken, but really don’t mess with the book, it can still be opened and closed fine.  In fact, I was tempted to glue them down, but I’ll let the new owner renovate.  There are many glued down photo corners, but I think these can be lifted off using a hobby knife and repurposed and you can put in your own WWII photos, or any vintage-looking reenacting photos you’ve collected.  The best is the cover, it’s very nice looking and the US Seal is in great shape.  Since it’s the seal of the United States, this book is good for Navy, Army, any branch.


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