Personal Effects Bag “PE Bag”


Made by various Red Cross Organizations around the country, these small, but handy, bags were in every barracks.  Our bags are made with great quality cotton fabric in a dark brown/olive color, and are approximately 11″ deep by 9″.  They are sewn up the sides, and binding tape keeps them from fraying on the inside so they can go in the wash if need be.  The bottoms have no seams making them more durable.  The drawstrings are made of our very own custom SOS 1/2″ webbing, in light OD, same as on our other products giving them an authentic period look.  These bags are indispensable for small gear you’re always misplacing.  Keep one bag full of first-aid materials, another for the rifle cleaning kit, and an extra for just socks!  Perfect for events, as you can keep the farby cell phone and contact case hidden from view, but easy to get at.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 10 × .2 in


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