Navy M-1944 Goggle Lenses- Originals Clear & Tinted


Replacement lenses for Navy M-1944 Goggles.  These are original!  They are over 71 years old, but in good condition, and will be perfect if you have goggles that are broken, super-scratched, or missing the lenses entirely.  They have some adhesive residue on them from the original protective paper slips, but that can be cleaned off.  They are still pliable, and the hardware is non-corroded.  These are in nice shape and ready to re-deploy!  Each set you buy comes with a copied instructions and label from the original package they came in.  They came four to a package originally, but we’re selling them one at a time.  Tinted $12, Clear $15.

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Additional information

Weight .188 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .01 in
US Navy M-1944 Goggle Replacement Lenses

Clear Lens, Tinted Lens


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