Mixed WWII Era Original and Reproduction Bandages and Boxes Set


Mix of WWII era bandages and reproduction boxes.  These are all mixed condition, some new, some used, but all GREAT for a WWII reenactor to have in your kit.  Perfect for a display, or just fodder for your footlocker.  On the left are original period bandages, the real gauze bandages are in those boxes, the White Cross box is open is all.  The right side of the pic has four reproduction boxes.  The top one we make, and this one is a little munched, but in ok shape.  The compress bandage boxes are reproductions too, but they are mint, I just made them- literally a few minutes before I posted this.  Still not sure if I want to reproduce them in quantity yet.  Then there is a Medium Carlisle box that we also make, you can buy more of these in another listing on the website.  Anyway, you get all what you see for one LOW price!

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