MB Jeep Wing Bolt Chains


Two chains for jeep wing-bolts.  On a jeep you have these wing bolts that hold down the top bows, or the arms for the canvas top, and they are also found on the windshield arms.  They have an easy to grip bolt that if dropped in the mud, or if they shake lose while driving, are going to be goners.  Losing these is a pain in the butt too.  I have a GPW, and just bought a set of reproductions for the Ford.  These are Willy’s, or MB fasteners.  They are in decent shape, little rust on them, but they are in working order.  One metal ring has an end broken off.  These were on my jeep for decades, and I’m sure are originals, as the guy who owned the jeep before me probably had them on since whenever.  I am cleaning the old rig up, and adding a few repro parts to get it back to it’s glory days.  If you only have two, then here you go!  If you need spares, here you go!

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