Mask, Cough and Sneeze – OD with US WWII Star


These masks are for helping to filter out particles of virus that may be present in the air.  They help keep particles from getting on your lips and in your mouth and help you keep from spreading germs as well.  We make them with three layers, a flannel middle and two cotton fabric pieces, with ear ties.  Both sides of the mask now have longer ties, but these are not for going around your whole head, but tied in a loop and put around your ears.  In this version, there is the olive drab outside, and white cotton on the inside.  The webbing is what we use for our military reproductions.  We’ve now been making hundreds of masks for our community and local hospitals and medical centers.  Buying one from us will help us make more to give away to people who need them.  This version for this listing are the OD fabric masks with the broken circle star design seen in the first few pictures.  Note: the OD fabric we used for a while is dyed in a way that has a unique blotchy pattern in it.  It’s very hard to notice, and is pretty uniform.  It was fabric that we dyed long ago that didn’t come out just the way we needed it for some reproductions we were making, but looks fantastic with these.  We sold out of the adult sizes, and used up all this fabric.  So right now, the kid sizes are the custom dyed OD we described, while the adult sizes now are a purchased OD cotton fabric.  The other masks you see in the pictures may or may not be in stock, if we don’t have a listing, we don’t have it.  We are not prepared to make custom orders.  All of our masks help keep out particles, they are NOT N-95 masks, not designed for medical personnel, but just for the average person who needs to get to the grocery store.  Remember, even though you have a mask on, you still need to keep a distance from people.  We all need to stay safe!

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