M6 CN-DM Gas Riot Control Grenade -Inert- Reproduction


M6 CN-DM Gas Grenade.  This is a riot control grenade.  It used a combination of CN (tear gas) and DM (a vomiting agent).  It was listed in FM 23-30, Grenades, Dated June 15, 1942 all the way up to FM 23-30 dated December 1969.  Great with both WWII and Vietnam impressions.  Can’t say much about used with combat troops, but they are part of the load list for some vehicles of that time period.  This is a dummy grenade, looks only!  There is no way it can be modified to make real smoke or gas.  The fuse body, spoon, and ring are metal military surplus.  For authenticity, it even has a hole in the bottom with tape over it, that is where the gas would normally come out of the real grenade.

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