German Military Sewing Kits


These are post war German military sewing kits that have been refurbished and repacked.  We culled out the garbage and junk.  Made sure each had the same stuff- with some slight variations, but what you see in the pictures is it.  German made scissors, two needles, one large and one small.  Field gray thread roll.  Two cards of gray or gray/black wool yarn for mending scarves, sweaters, or socks.  Two stars of vintage thread in an OD green and or gray.  One pack our our own Service of Supply custom black 2″ safety pins, six pins, and the field gray case.  The kits are vintage, and with exception to the safety pins are all used, but all are in good quality and again, the quantity in the pictures is accurate to all the kits.  These are a limited item, the quantity we have is all we will have.  I only reenact US, but I’m thinking that German reenactors might get some use out of these kits.  They look the part, and the colors would work pretty well with WWII German gear.

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