Dummy 50 Cal Bullet Belt


These are a string of 10 dummy 50 caliber bullets, with fake tracer painted on.  These look like the strings of 9 yards that were loaded into fighter plane wings.  That’s where the phrase, “Give ’em the whole 9 yards” comes from.  There are 10 dummy bullets in each string with the links.  Dates are mixed, not WWII dated like our dummy carbine and M1 rounds.  These are excellent for displays in cases or at reenactment/living history events.  All are built without the primers in.  Sold together in groups only.

Shipping is restricted on these to US customers only, and only UPS ground shipping.  No air mail or USPS.

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Weight 3.1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 7 in


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