Double Buckle Boots, Original WWII – Dated 1944 Size 8-1/2 A


Original World War II double-buckle boots.  Very nice condition.  Dated Nov 1944.  Size 8.5 A.  Incredible condition for their age, leather is soft all around, and the bottoms are still flexible.  Easily could be worn for living history events, but it would be a shame to wear them to reenact in.  Too amazing and you’ll never see originals like these again.  Great for a mannequin display of course, or set up in a museum.   I took pics from about every angle I can, email me if you need more details.  They are pretty true to size, my daughter tried them on and she can fit in a men’s size 8.  Overall length of the boot bottom is 10.5 inches.

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Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in


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