Canteen Cup, Stainless, JQMD 1949


Pretty nice post-WWII Canteen Cup.  Dated 1949, made by JQMD.  Stainless steel, with some stains from something that was inside of it.  I’m sure that can be cleaned off.   Steel handle, in great working order, nice and firm, no bends.  Cup has a few dents, but nothing to take away from it’s usefulness.  Pretty interesting date, it’s made before Korean, but after the US made a gazillion of these during WWII.  Funny to think with all the surplus canteen cups after WWII the Army was still buying new ones.  Guess not much has changed!  If you are a WWII reenactor, don’t shy away from this gem, no one will notice the “incorrect” date.  In fact, this date is pretty unusual, so if you have a collection going already, bet you don’t have a ’49.

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