Bandoleer, Ammunition, .30 Cal., 8-Round Clips -SECONDS-


Reproduction Bandoleer- SECONDS-  These are flawed because I have a new cutting mat, and didn’t pay attention.  Watching a war movie too closely or something.  The last pocket is 1/2″ shorter than it should be, and the far left pocket is larger.  Dumb mistake.  At any rate, the bando looks right, and still works fine.  Just a little tight getting ammo in the last pocket, but you can do it!  So these are being offered at a discount.  NO AMMO CARDBOARDS come with these seconds.   Our bandoleer is specialty-dyed cotton fabric, with our own custom made 1-1/4″ cotton herringbone twill web strap.  We matched the color to the majority of originals in our collection.  The color is more like a M41 jacket’s color.  The pictures vary depending on light, but it’s a great color, not to worry.  Each bandoleer comes with a 2″ black safety pin, used to pin the bandoleer strap to the jacket to keep it from falling off- and the pin also can take up the slack for smaller guys so the bandoleer positions itself in the right place across the chest. 

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 in


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