Army Corps of Engineering Officer’s Jacket


Good size, excellent condition Army Corps of Engineers jacket.  Gold “Essayons” buttons, no belt, wool.  Around a 40R size.  25″ from shoulder to cuff, 33″ from top collar to thigh.  19″ across the waist laying flat.  This is probably pre-WWII but the Corps of Engineers did retain the Essayons buttons into the war.  This jacket however is a slightly different wool, matching the between-the-wars era.  Best guess is the mid 1930s, as the jacket is designed to be worn with the shirt and tie (black M36 tie).  We have closeups of the tags.  In the pocket is a slip of paper with the officer’s name and “Walla Walla.”  Possibly where he was stationed.  Don’t know any more about this, but a rare and nice jacket!

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