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Odds and ends grouping for the collector and reenactor.  Two original 30-06 bullet boxes, one Denver, the other Lake City.  Three original (probably Vietnam era) grenade rings, one Springfield stripper clip and part of another one, a handful of original and reproduction cardboards for the M1 clips, and two original cardboards to cover two 5 round stripper clips.  There is also a hand grenade safety catch too.  Included is a rifle cleaning cord I made up early in my reenacting days that works really slick.  It’s a WWII dated brass shell, with the cord leading to a cleaning rod tip.  You drop the end down the barrel of you M1, and them put on your cleaning patch and fluid, and then pull it up through the barrel.  Great “period” field cleaning thing-a-ma-jig.  And there you have it.

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