1930 Dated Dummy 30-06 Rounds in Clip of 5


Original brass, all 5 dated 1930 in an original stripper clip.  The brass all are de-primed, and empty, and a correct weight bullet is seated tight.  These are display pieces.  The amazing thing is you have a between the wars original set of 5 in the original stripper clip.  Excellent for display events, especially Pearl Harbor events and anything from the Great Depression Era.  The stripper clip is missing the little metal wings that you find on these types of clips, they are easily broken off as are these.  One of the rounds split and burned when it was fired, and you can see the scaring on the case.  That’s kind of cool itself anyway, and if you don’t want to show it like that it can be spun so it’s not noticeable.   Own a very cool and unique piece of history!  Dummy rounds must go UPS ground, so sorry- no USPS mail.  Overseas orders have to go First Class Registered Mail and orders have to be under 4 pounds (and size restrictions too).

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