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Coronavirus Face Masks

We’ve made over 1,200 masks at the time of this post. It’s crazy to see the demand for these keep steady. We’re not out of the woods yet, this dumb virus is persistent for sure. We humans have the power to stop it. Unfortunately it takes a lot of knowledge and a team effort. Wear the darn masks people. It’s not going to kill you to wear a mask- but it’s going to kill our economy, our whole way of life- if we don’t. And that’s the argument I can make if you aren’t already thinking of your fellow humans who can die from COVID-19. I wear a mask in public because I don’t want to be the one who inadvertently passes it along. I’ve been VERY safe over these last few months. I wear a mask, I touch nothing (except with Lysol wipes which I stocked up on pre-covid) and I avoid crowds. Other than run Service of Supply, I’m a high school history teacher, and we’ve been out of classes since March 13. When working in my shop, I use hand sanitizer like crazy. I wouldn’t say I’m paranoid. Not at all. I’m just going to be the last person on the earth who gets this virus. The masks have been pretty fun to make, I can successfully binge watch Netflix while sewing at the same time. I’ve been making reproductions since 2001, so it’s safe to say I sew more than a dozen pajama-making grandmothers. 1,200 masks, but that’s nothing. To date I’ve made 1,548 first aid pouches, 1,307 bandoleers, 1,130 gas brassards, 604 handkerchiefs, 536 neckties, and 479 PE bags. That’s a bit of sewing. Worn out two sewing machines along the way too. So I’m going to keep cranking out COVID masks, you all keep wearing them. Do it for a fellow citizen if not for yourself. And wear one with a little style. I’m keeping the price WAY low so you can be sure to wear one. Please, let us work together to make the coronavirus extinct.