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Corona Virus – Delays with products

Well, so far we’ve all avoided COVID-19 here at Service of Supply. Bryan is a classroom history teacher by day, and all the other guys are pretty much self-employed, so you can feel safe ordering from us. We are seeing some delays with products thanks to this mess however. The stock of tubes we use for the rifle grenades come out of San Francisco, California- the company is shut down right now. Even the rubber is getting spotty to find and get shipped. We are also coming to the end of any available handles for the smoke grenades. We already have made our own resin fuses- but those handles are very expensive and difficult to make. Really hoping we find some surplus tops for these. So… sorry about the delay on all these popular products. If you want to get the word as soon as we get more made, email bryan@serviceofsupply and we’ll make sure we save your email and shoot you a message. Then you can get in on the first batch we make.