M8 HC Smoke, White, Grenade – Dummy – Reproduction


M8 HC Smoke Grenade.  This grenade is used for screening operations.  It produced a dense white smoke.  It is listed in FM 23-30, Grenades, dated June 15, 1942 up to FM 23-30 dated December 1969.  The markings on our reproduction however are from the 1942- 1949 version.  There is no doubt that these earlier designs were still used in Korea and early Vietnam, as the US kept using stocks that were left-over from WWII.  The 1969 manual shows these painted a different color and marked differently.  These are completely inert, display only.  Cannot be made for real smoke.  The bodies, spoons, and pins are metal, but the fuse heads are plastic.  The inert surplus fuses are just not available anymore!

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