Focal 900F Super 8 Movie Camera – Vintage


Another great vintage piece of equipment.  In the late 60s or early 70s this was the ticket.  Pretty good brand from what I could gather.  Or at least that was when Kmart was in it’s heyday.  This FOCAl Reflex Zoom Super 8 Movie projector was actually used on me in the late 60s.  My dad was making movies of me in diapers in 1968 with this camera!  I cannot vouch for it’s working condition, however I can’t imagine it doesn’t.  It’s been in a box for 40 plus years.  Hopefully you can still buy film.  Wouldn’t it be cool at the next Vietnam War reenactment to do some filming?  Oh yes, you need this now don’t you?  Notice, it still has the original instructions booklet, you can’t go wrong.

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