“Hero Tags” Dog Tags with Authentic Celebrity Numbers


“Hero Tags”  Get a set of dog tags of your favorite celebrity of movies, fiction and real life.  All numbers are authentic, and the tags are made in the same pattern as the years they served.  All are researched and accurate!  Great to hang off the rear-view mirror, or to wear around for fun.  Excellent item to put in a display, they get a lot of attention.  These make great gifts for WWII buffs too.  Or you can tell your buddies at a reenactment that they are real and pawn them off for twice what you paid.  (That’s a joke, don’t really do that, it’s mean).  $17.95 Set

Audie Murphy / Robert Hite / Elvis Presley / George Patton / Richard Winters / Clark Gable / James Doolittle / Chip Saunders “Combat” / “Hogan’s Heroes” / Don Knotts / James Stewart / Sgt. Rock (featured image)



Additional information

Weight .188 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in
Hero Dog Tags- 2 Tags with Beaded Metal Chain

Audie Murphy, Robert Hite (Doolittle Raider), Elvis, Patton, Dick Winters (Band of Brothers), Clark Gable, Jimmy Doolittle, Sgt. Saunders (Combat), Col. Hogan "Hogan's Heroes", Don Knotts, Sgt. Rock (DC Comics), Jimmy Stewart


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