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New and Improved Rubber Dummy Rifle Grenades!

New and Improved Dummy Rubber Rifle Grenades – Coming late October 2019

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  1. There are some significant changes to the AP variants. First, the tubes are shorter and the pin used to secure the plugs is visible. Second, the grenade head is cast off of an original WWII training grenade. They will no longer have the yellow band painted on them as the pics of original samples don’t have it. They have been tested with an M1 without a BFA and they seem to have better distance (That would include the Springfield and SKSs). They still fly straight and true!

    The second new variant will be an early version of the M9A1 AT. It is molded in yellow and painted yellow. It will have early markings and an early lot number stamped on it. The standard M9A1 will still be OD green with yellow markings. Both of these are cast in new molds. The seam where the two halves come together has been reworked to provide a more realistic look and eliminate the air bubbles that plagued that area on the previous molds.

    The third new variant is the early M9 AT. The prototype tested shows good range and flight characteristics.

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