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International Orders with Dummy Explosives-

For international orders, we must ship first class registered mail.  Registered mail is required by the U.S. Postal service because the package will be handled from "person-to-person" so the box has no chance to break open and scare the living crap out of postal employees.  So... there is a restriction of 4 lbs. or less, otherwise we have to ship UPS international and that is around $80 minimum.  Unfortunately due to these restrictions, if you are overseas and you want six rifle greandes or smokes (smoke grenades weigh just over one pound each), prepare for a steep shipping cost.  If you're good for one or two at a time and not with a huge order, we can still fulfil it!  Thanks for understanding. - SOS

Bandoliers, M-1 Garand 8-Round Clip

Bandoleer0706.jpg (54160 bytes) WWII Reproduction bandoleer.  $8.00 each.  Our bandoleers are made with the correct weight cotton fabric, dyed khaki.  We use an 1-1/4" wide cotton herringbone twill webbing that is the right width and length.  Our bandoleers also are made with heavy 12 weight khaki cotton thread, and each one comes with a black 2" safety pin just like on the originals.  The pin was used to keep a loaded bandolier from swinging around.

Bandoleer, WWII Reproduction, fits 6 M1 Garand Clips, with 2" Black Safety Pin  $8.00 each
Bandoleer, WWII Reproduction, fits M1 Garand Clip Ammo with pin & Cardboards $8.95 each

Bandoleer Cardboard Inserts

Bandoleer Cardboard Inserts.  Reproduction cardboards for M1 ammunition bandoleers.  Excellent item for reenactors who carry blanks.  they fill up the bandoleer pouches or cartridge belt pockets and keep the clips steady for quick removal.  Our reproductions are perfect in size, and even have the notch for easy opening.  These are not cut-each-one handmade reproductions, we took the expense to build the dies and machine cut them for exacting standards.  You can buy them complete (without the blanks and clips of course!) in sets of 12 or 24, or buy them un-glued and un-folded and save money by doing that yourself.  It's really easy to put them together with regular white glue (don't use rubber cement or a regular school-type gluestick).

12 Complete M1 Garand Clip Ammo Cardboards $4.25
24 Complete M1 Garand Clip Ammo Cardboards $8.25
12 Unfolded & Unglued M1 Garand Clip Ammo Cardboards $3.40
24 Unfolded & Unglued M1 Garand Clip Ammo Cardboards $6.75
100 Unfolded & Unglued M1 Garand Clip Ammo Cardboards $22.00

Grenades, Rubber Dummy Fragmentation

Reproduction Rubber/ Dummy Fragmentation Hand Grenades.  $23.95 each.  5.2 ounces total, these rubber grenades won't knock your enemy out at a reenactment!  The all-rubber grenade (pin and ring are metal) has a spoon handle that is flexible, but tough enough to put in a D-ring on a suspender and tape it down with medical or friction tape (easy to tear off and toss).  The original mold was made using a WWII grenade and spoon, but we had to build up the spoon to make it thicker so as to cast it in rubber.  Each comes unpainted, with a pin and ring if you choose, and you can paint them flat OD if you wish for display purposes, or for events.  However the dye color is a nice dark olive drab, so after the initial shine wears off they are remarkably real looking (see photo below).  The rubber dye is concentrated, so these vary in color ever so slightly from batch to batch, however we'll always send you matching ones of you order a pair or more.  The flag is molded into the rubber plug, then stuffed into the inside of the grenade body.  Flag color is yellow, ribbon is fabric.  The end of the ribbon is molded into the plug, and inside the grenade it's screwed in tight.  Replacement flags are available below if you wear one out!  Typically, guys write their names and units on the flags for identification in the field. 

Dummy Frag Hand Grenade with Pin and Ring  $23.00 each
Dummy Frag Hand Grenade WITHOUT Metal Pin and Ring  $21.50 each

Reproduction Pin and Ring for Frag and Smoke Grenades  $2.25 each
Replacement Ribbon and Plug for Dummy Hand Grenades (comes with a phillips head screw) $2.25 each
Three PACK (3) Rubber Dummy Frag Hand Grenades w/ Pins and Rings  $65.00 for THREE

In this picture, I have a very new rubber grenade on the right, with a rubber grenade that is a few years old and has seen much action on the left.  Notice that with age, these start looking very real.  Neither has been painted. (Yes, we're aware the pin on the old one is on the wrong side...)

  UPS to Canada Possible- Email for Prices Click Here for Link to UPS Restrictions to Canada

Clips, M1 Plastic Dummy

Dummy M-1 Garand Clips.  These are made from hard plastic good for many years of WWII displays.  Excellent item for putting in your bandoleers or cartridge belts for demonstrations at school or parades where real rounds just won't do.  Hard plastic, light weight, durable.  Black color so they look good in the belt, and are not going to suffer damage being banged around.  $4.95 each, sets available.  No overseas restrictions on these! - 

M-1 Plastic Dummy Clip $4.95 each
M-1 Plastic Dummy Clips- Pack of Six $28.00

Smoke Grenades, WWII Dummy Reproductions

    WWII Dummy Smoke Grenades.  These great looking grenades are manufactured with exacting detail.  These reproductions are made entirely from scratch with the exception of the fuse, spoon, and pin ring, those are original military surplus de-milled parts.  The fuse is totally inert, and the grenade itself is a total reproduction made with new materials, not the used containers of an original.  Painted and stamped authentically, these come in orange, yellow, green, violet and red, Incendiary, White Phosphorous, and Mk III.   Make that WWII impression even better than ever!  These are not designed to be used for smoke at reenactments, and have no capacity to make smoke.  They are heavy, durable, and rugged display items that enhance your paratrooper, armored, or infantry living history impression!  By the way... the "1963" on the WWII grenades is not the date, just an authentic lot number.  The date is '44.  We've had a few questions about that...  These weigh about 1 lb. each, the WP grenades are almost 2 lbs.  The Vietnam era smoke grenades are dated 1965.

Now with authentic holes in the bottom to let the "smoke" out- Just like the originals!  We are out of stock of the MKIII, WWII Violet, and at this time.  

WWII Dummy Grenade Choices
Dummy White Phosphorous  Grenade -  $34.00  Out of Stock

Not Mailable by US/Canadian Postal Service

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Smoke Grenades, Vietnam Dummy Reproductions


All of these now are made with the correct fuse heads for the Vietnam Era smoke!  They are better than ever!  TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK- should be ready next week -Sept 25-26

Vietnam Era M18 Dummy Grenade Choices

Not Mailable by US/Canadian Postal Service

  UPS to Canada Possible- Email for Prices Click Here for Link to UPS Restrictions to Canada

Rubber .45 Clips

Rubber .45 Magazines.  Black rubber.  Works with all WWII and WWI .45 Mag carriers.  Does not include the magazine pouch.

Rubber M-1911 Clips $11.00 each.  No mailing restrictions on this item!

Bazooka Rocket Tubes

  Cardboard tubes for Bazooka rockets.  There are different types of rockets used during the war, our tubes will fit most of the standard types.  The tubes are 24" overall length, on the inside approximately 23-5/8".  The tubes are reinforced with an extra piece of cardboard tube on the inside to thicken the walls and keep the rounds from knocking around.  They are 3" outside diameter.  They are painted black, have metal end caps, and come w