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Name Tapes and Stencil Sets

  White Uniform Name Tape & Stencil Combinations.  Army Service Numbers & Last Name Initial Stencils.    We have the means to produce custom name tapes and stencils, and also I.D. stencils for marking uniforms, gear, and equipment!  No where else can you get these great I.D. stencils in this configuration!  You can use them over and over again, either with spray paint, or a more authentic brush application.  They come to you on thick cardstock just like the originals~ even produced on vintage punch equipment.  You can get the white name tape with the stencil, or just the stencil itself.  We can make any number of combinations for you.  Now you can mark your equipment, uniforms, gear, footlockers, and barracks bags- and authentically keep them straight at living history events and reenactments!  The typical US Army system in the 1940s had soldiers using their full names and numbers on footlockers, and an abbreviated number on equipment, such as the last initial, and the last four digits of the number, i.e. D-8895.  The white name tapes for jumpsuits, or fatigue uniforms were just the last name. 

Check the sets below for options, keep in mind the pictures above do represent all the sets, but are not pictured in complete sets:

Full Name (First, Middle Initial, Last) and Army 10 Digit Serial Number $18.00 (As seen in the first picture above)  $18.00

Enter Full Name & Number

Full Name (First, Middle Initial, Last) and Army 10 Digit Serial Number $18.00 (As seen in the first picture above) PLUS Last Name Initial & Last 4 Digits of Serial Number (example: D-8898)  $22.00

Enter Full Name and Number

Last Name Stencil (you get to keep the stencil!) AND 3 White Cotton Name Tapes for Uniforms (example: DIBBLE)  $18.00

Enter LAST Name

Last Name Stencil PLUS ONE (1) White Name Tape.  Example: DIBBLE stencil and one white tape. $8.50
Enter LAST Name

Last Name Stencil PLUS Last Initial & Last Four Digits of Serial Number (This one is like the third picture from the left [above] but without the white name tape.  Perfect for marking gear, uniforms, equipment, crates, cots, bed-rolls, or anything else!)  Example:  DIBBLE   and   D-3456   $12.00
Enter LAST Name & 4 Numbers

The COMPLETE Set of all-options of stencils and Tapes.  Full Name & Ten Digit Army Number Stencil, Last Name Stencil, 3 White Name Tapes, Last Initial & 4 Digit Army ID Number.  Enter in your full name, First, Middle Initial, Last Name, and 10 Digit Army Serial Number.     $45.00
Full Name & 10 Digit Number

Since these are custom made with your name, when you purchase a label, you will have it shipped to you separately from our vendor's shop.  The shipping won't take longer that normal, just comes in from another location.  Any other SOS products will be shipped from our shop in Selah, WA.  Your custom label might even make it to you first! 



Pre-made stencils for your convenience.    We have these stencils pre-made and ready to ship.  These are great for using on display boards, or marking other commemorative items such as shadow boxes, or on medal displays, even school projects.  Stencils are made on hard tag board from a vintage WWII pressing machine!  Exactly like the read deal~ all letters are ˝ inch high, capitals.

Pre-made Stencils ~Ready to ship:

WWII   $5.00
USA   $5.00
MEDIC   $5.00
RANGER   $5.50
MARINES   $6.00
U.S. ARMY   $6.00
U.S. NAVY   $6.00
INFANTRY   $6.00
AIRBORNE   $6.00
AIR CORPS   $6.00

Dog Tags

  Dog Tags. Custom made tags for your G.I. impression.  These are made on a period machine by a fellow reenactor using the correct style tags.  We can make any type, from any era 1940-1964.  The layout picture above-left shows the amount of letter number spaces.  It's a good idea to print that picture out.  You need to provide the information that will fit in the boxes when you submit your order.  Five lines maximum, 16 spaces per line including blanks. We have a link to a great US Army Serial Number Generator above to help as well (Scroll up into the stencil section). 

Sister Hook Style Chain  1944-1946 Style Tag    1943-1944 Style    Full Name, Next of Kin, and Address

M1940 Dog Tag Chain Reproductions. Each chain is hand-made to exacting wartime standards. Prior to 1940, a mono-filament chord was issued to hold the tags, from 1940 to 1943 this was the chain issued to the troops. The beaded chain was available at the PX for purchase and was very popular. After 1944, the beaded chain was issued.
The link chain features a stainless steel curb link chain with the proper sister hooks to secure the tags in place. Perfect for the World War II reenactor or veteran.

There are two types of chains.  Regular issued beaded metal chains (most common and still used today) and the WWII era private-purchase link chain with the sister hooks.

When filling in the order blank below, please separate Dog Tag Lines with a backslash " / "  Example:  Bryan K Dibble / 20999345  T41 A / Rachel Dibble / 234 Bugle Lane / San Diego, CALIF.   P

Remember- There are ONLY 16 Spaces per line... THAT includes blank space.  The machine and the tag doesn't fit any more!  So if your name is very long, the suggestion is to abbreviate your first name, or if you use a middle initial to drop that.  If you just use your first initial and middle initial, and full last name, that works too.  Also, state abreviations were NOT two letters in the 1940s, there was no standard.  Washington was "Wash" and not WA as it is now.  Other examples: Illinois - ILL  California- CALF  Oregon- ORE.  Maine, Iowa, Texas, and other short names were sometimes just spelled out.  Depended on the amount of spaces left for the state after the city was typed in.
Enter Tag Information
Dog Tag Set Only (2), No Chain.  $12.95
Enter Tag Information
Dog Tag Set With Stainless Sister Hook Chain $22.95
Beaded Metal Dog Tag Chain Set.  Chain Only - No tags included. $4.95
Stainless Sister Hook Dog Tag Chain Set.  Chain Only - No tags included. $12.95
 Dog Tags will be mailed to you separately from any other Service of Supply merchandise.  Just like the stencil sets and the A2 jacket labels, these are manufactured by a trusted vendor in another location.   Your dog tags may even show up before the rest of the order does!  They are mailed first class, if you need insurance, let us know by email (extra charge). 

HERO Tags  Commemorate a favorite person from history with a set of tags that depicts their correct service number and information in the time period in which they served.  Each “Hero Tag” comes with two tags, and a beaded chain, just like the ones they really wore.

One Set of HERO TAGS, including beaded chain set, is $17.90

Audie Murphy / Robert Hite / Elvis Presley / George Patton / Richard Winters / Clark Gable / James Doolittle / Chip Saunders "Combat" / "Hogan's Heroes" / Don Knotts / Sgt. Rock

Enter Name of HERO

Dog Tags will be mailed to you separately from any other Service of Supply merchandise.  Just like the stencil sets and the A2 jacket labels, these are manufactured by a trusted vendor in another location.   Your dog tags may even show up before the rest of the order does!  They are mailed first class, if you need insurance, let us know by email (extra charge).

Personal Effects Bags (Ditty Bags)

    Personal Effects Bags, or "Ditty Bags" Mostly made by Red Cross Organizations around the country, these small, but handy, bags were in every barracks.  Our bags are made with great quality HBT fabric in a dark brown/olive color, and are 11" deep by 9" at the drawstring, tapering down to 10" at the bottom.  The are sewn up the sides, and binding tape keeps them from fraying on the inside.  The bottoms have no seams making them more durable.  The drawstrings are our very own custom SOS 1/2" webbing, in light OD, same as on our aid pouches and bandoleers.  These bags are indespensable for small gear you're always misplacing.  Keep one bag full of aid material, another for the rifle cleaning kit, and an extra for just socks!  Perfect for events, as you can keep the farby cell phone and contact case hidden from view, but easy to get at.  Cotton material, fully washable.  $10.00 each

Personal Effects Bag  $10.00

Personal Effects Bag Package, Get a bunch of what you need to fill out your reenacting kit right here all at once-  1 PE Bag, 1 Soap Tin with four 1/2 ounce bars soap, 1 toothbrush, 1 comb.  All for $14.00  Save $2.50

Personal Effects Bag Package- Bag / Soap / Toothbrush / Comb  $14.00

Plain Plastic Toothbrush.  Authentic looking toothbrushes for reenactors.  Something inexpensive, and doesn't look too farby.  These plastic imported toothbrushes are plain looking, white plastic, and fairly soft bristles.  Better than a hot-pink Oral B your wife sent you off to your last reenactment with.  75˘ each!

Plain Plastic Toothbrush - 75˘ each!

Plain Black 5" Plastic Combs.  Authentic looking combs for reenactors.  Something inexpensive, and good coming out of your trouser pocket.  Most G.I.s carried one during the war, why don't you?  These plastic imported combs are bendable black plastic, and no labels.  Improve the footlocker display for cheap!  75˘ each!

Black Plastic Comb - 75˘ each!

  Steel Scissors, 3.5"  Nice solid quality pair of scissors for putting in your kit.  Has a safety tip, great for medics, or for your sewing kit, or in your personal effects bag for trimming hair or nails.  Made in Pakistan, but very durable quality scissors.  Leather covers are made by us here in the shop, the leather cover will vary in color, but all a good period look.    $5.00 with custom made leather cover.

Stainless Steel Scissors, with sheath, $5.00

  Tin Soap Box  Tin box with hinged lid, stamped "SOAP".  Period looking reproduction for holding small bars of soap.  Included two bars of soap, the brand has changed from the pictures, but it smells good and fits in the case.  $5.00

Tin Soap Box, with Two Bars of Soap  $5.00

Mirror, Shaving or Signaling

  Mirror, Shaving or Signaling. Stainless steel mirror (made overseas) with a great Service of Supply reproduction HBT material cover.  This little item is indespensable in a WWII kit.  Has a hole put in it to stick it up on something to use for shaving in the field.  Sometimes a string was tied in it so you could hang it on a branch or off a bunk.  The case we make using HBT material from our Personal Effects Bags.  Good looking period correct materials.  Mirror measures 4" x 3".

Repro. Mirror with HBT fabric Case   $5.00
Repro. Mirror NO CASE, Mirror by itself-   $3.25

Utensil Sheaths For Mess Fork & Knife

Utensil Sheaths. Reproduction mess kit utensil sheaths.  These are commonly missing form M-1928 and M-1910 packs, and are a great item to have to keep your kit looking good and period correct.  Made from the exact grade of leather, untreated, suede side out, these fit the fork and knife like a glove.  They fit inside the pockets on the mess can pouch, commonly known as the meat can pouch.  The spoon didn't get a sheath, only the knife and fork.  Sewn with heavy 12 wt. cotton thread, they are the spitting image of the real deal -when it was new!  The originals in the photo are of course 70 years old, and have colored with time and use.  The reproductions will darken with time as well.  No need to oil or treat them, you don't want that on your plate.

Repro. GI Mess Utensil Sheath Set   $8.00 set

Mess Utensil Sheath FORK only  $4.50 each

Mess Utensil Sheath KNIFE only  $4.50 each

Money Belt

    World War II G.I. Money Belt.  $15.00 each.  Made from custom dyed khaki cotton fabric and lined with tan duck canvas.  This money belt is typical of what the troops used to keep their valuables safe from those Parisian pick-pockets.  Has a large pocket for bills, and a smaller compartment for coins.  12 inches wide, 1" cotton web strap with a blackened metal buckle that holds it on very tightly and will not slip.  Strap is 36" itself, which will make it fit up to a 44" waist comfortably.  You can trim the length of the strap, then coat the cut end with super glue to keep it from fraying.  Very durable construction, patterned after the many originals in our personal collection.  I have many original belts, and took the best features from each to make this very useful reenactor item.  No more thick wallets in the back pocket of your class A pants.  Great for stashing that reproduction French money printed from Hardscrabble Farm, or just packing your contact lenses or cell phone!  Makes a practical travel item, will fit a passport and all sizes of foreign bills.

WWII Reproduction G.I. Money Belts.  $15.00 each

G.I. Neckties, M-1936 and M-1940

BlackTieM-1936.JPG (42367 bytes) BlackTieM-1936WideShot.JPG (72080 bytes) WWII black or tan ties. $10.00 each.  These are both reproduction WWII ties.  The black one is for the early war impression, also good for USN, or Luftwaffe.  It is a copy of the M-1936 black tie worn with the class A uniform prior and just after Pearl Harbor.  The second is our version of the M1942 tie.  The M-1942 tan tie replaced the black tie as regulation in February of 1942.  These ties measure about 52" long and 4" wide at the tip.

WWII G. I. M-1940 Khaki Necktie, $10.00

WWII G. I. M-1936 Black Necktie, $10.00

Shaving Kits

  G.I./ Doughboy Reproduction Shaving Kits.  Faithful reproduction of the typical shaving kits given out to soldiers by Gillette and other companies, plus church organizations, advertising companies, the American Red Cross, and many other groups. They gave these to the soldiers in World War I through World War II.  Our copy is made with fiberboard, covered in water resistant fabric.  The khaki fabric is glued on well, and will take splashing from the sink, although I would not soak it completely underwater!  The black elastic bands are securely fastened in, providing a place for razor blades, the head of the double edged razor, and the shaft of the razor.  Two fabric flaps go over the insides, and the top is snapped closed.  Just over 4" wide, by about 2-1/2 inches.  These razors are available in places, but hard to find these days.  Ebay is your best bet.  Occasionally we will feature these vintage razors in the Closeout pages of our site, or in a box below.  We make them with durable "Baby Dot" snap closures by Scovill, with fabric flaps that fold over and hold the contents in the kit (although the elastic holds them in well). 

Reproduction Shaving Kit.  Holds double edged razor head, handle, and blade box.  Razor and blades are not included.  $15.00

Handkerchief, G.I. Issue

HandkerchiefPhoto.JPG (57701 bytes) handkerchief2.jpg (371116 bytes) handkerchief3.jpg (558776 bytes) G.I. Handkerchiefs. Reproduction cotton G.I. handkerchiefs.  Blow your nose into something authentic!  These handkerchiefs are a littler more than 14" X 14" with a zigzag stitched hem matching originals.  Dyed our custom khaki color.  We have the fabric manufactured just for us!  Very "handy" repro item that comes in use at reenactments more than just for blowing your nose!  Great for stuffing in your pockets to keep ammo clips from rattling around, or in camp for wraping up farby items laying around.  And of course, still good for the sniffles.  Color fast fabric means you can wash it a number of times without worring about fading.

G.I. Cotton Handkerchief  $5.50 each. 

Bootlaces, Paratrooper

  Parachute Cord Bootlaces. New manufacture cord.  Specially cut for paratrooper boots.  Not only cut right, but the center cord is pulled out at the ends, so it will fit nicely through the eyelets on the boots.  If you have ever tried this with regular cord, you'll see that it doesn't fit through the eyelets well.  We took care of that for you!  72" each, comes as a pair.  $4.00 pair.

Parachute cord bootlaces $4.00 pair

Blousing Bands, Paratrooper

Black Elastic blousing bands with metal hooks for your trousers.  Bands are 3/4" quality black elastic, with metal a black metal hook and loop sewn to both ends.  These fit all but the skinniest or fattest legs.  Very durable, and with the hook, easy to take off and put on.  These can be used under your combat jump suit pants or on your class A trousers for a comfortable nice-looking bloused appearance.

Blousing Bands, Black Elastic w/ Black Metal Hooks  $6.50 each.

Clothes Pins

Now here's something you really need at a reenactment.  We should have thought of it sooner!  Hang the wet sweaty socks, t-shirts, jumpsuits, or skivvies to dry!  How many times have you been at a camping reeactment in the summer and needed to hang something up?  Us, plenty- so when we saw these vintage looking wooden clothes pins, we knew others would need them too.  Add a set of six pins to your kit.  $2.50 pack of six pins.  

$2.50 pack of six wooden clothes pins.

Sewing Kits

Reproduction G.I. Sewing Kits.  Sewing kits were given to soldiers by countless organizations during the war.  Some were purchased in the PX.  There were countless varieties, and in our collection we have at least a dozen different original designs.  The one we chose to reproduce features a pocket for a cardboard sleeve with four different colors of thread, and another small pocket for everything from needle packs to scissors or a comb.  Our sewing kit comes to you with two sewing needles, three stick pins, a variety of  four spare buttons (all vintage original buttons!), and six large 2" black safety pins.  The outer body is light OD/Khaki, and the inside is a tan/khaki canvas.  We bet that most people will think it's a period kit!  Very useful item in reenacting, or just to have in the truck/car "just in case."  $14.00

Sewing Kit - Reproduction.  Thread Card, Safety Pins, Needles, Pins.  $14.00

Sewing Kits- HBT covers.  These are the same as above, we only made four, and think they look pretty good.  They are made with a brown/OD HBT fabric, and a khaki inside.  Same features, buttons, sewing needles, pins, thread card, and safety pins.  Look good in a USMC kit.  Anyway, something different.  There are four to start with (if the shopping cart won't let you put in more, that's all we have...) $14

  Steel Scissors, 3.5"  Nice solid quality pair of scissors for putting in your kit.  Has a safety tip, great for medics, or for your sewing kit, or in your personal effects bag for trimming hair or nails.  Made in Pakistan, but very durable quality scissors.   $5.00 with custom made leather cover (leather covers vary in color, but are all period looking- and all leather).

3.5" Stainless Steel Scissors with Leather Cover, $5.00

Black 2" Safety Pins.  Authentic looking black safety pins.  We use these on bandoleers, and for the sewing kits.  Great to have in your footlocker for all sorts of uses.  Original WWII black 2" safety pins are not safe, the coating that was used is cancer-causing!  Same size and shape as the originals, but slightly shinier (and won't cause cancer!).  $1.50 Set of 6. 

Safety Pins - Black 2" $1.50 set of 6 pins.

Sewing Kit Spare Thread Card.  Authentic looking card with a wartime date.  Extra thread to replace in original sewing kits, or extra to fit in one of our reproductions.  If you bought a sewing kit from us last year have you run out of thread yet?  Four colors (vary, but all good for WWII military uses, both 12 weight and 20 weight threads).  All new, or new old stock (vintage original) thread, 100% cotton.   $3 each

Sewing kit replacement thread card.  $3 each.

Can Openers - P-38

New Old Stock P-38 Can Openers.  75˘ each.   Great for reenactments or living history displays to open canned goods.  Easy to use, handy to have!

P-38 Can Opener.  75˘ each.

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