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Starting to heal…

Here we go!  On the way to recovery.  I had the stitches out today, and a nice new black hard cast.  Nope, they still don’t have khaki or a good olive drab color of cast.  I couldn’t even get camouflage pattern.  So the hard cast makes it much easier to get into the workshop and move around, so I’ll be loading more militaria and catching up on the rest of the work!

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Don’t “Parkour” when you’re near 50!

Friends and Customers,

Last Sunday, I was jumping around in a skate park playing lacrosse with my son and make a rather amazing move off a ramp, and ended up on the pavement with a torn Achilles tendon!  Surgery on Wednesday, and now I’m finally back in the shop driving the sewing machine with my left foot.  Sorry about the delays in the orders, but I’ll get caught up this weekend!